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Mold Remediation

Jersey Dry works hard to keep your family, pets and property safe from mold, and we offer emergency remediation services that will eliminate the problem at its source. If your basement always seems to be damp or gets flooded after a heavy storm, there is a good chance that you may already be living with toxic mold inside your home. The organism often thrives inside drywall and may even be living inside your wall cavities. With our highly experienced technicians, we can identify any problems with mold in your home, and we will make sure that you have a cost-effective solution that keeps your indoor air safe and free from pollutants that could harm you and the other residents who live in your home.

As part of our mold remediation services, we will address the reasons behind your damp basements, and we will eliminate the cause of the problem. You can also rely on us to quickly remove any damaged building materials, and we will be sure to inspect your drywall, insulation and flooring to make sure that nothing has been compromised. Because we have the tools, technicians and skills to quickly eliminate your home’s mold problem, you can enjoy a return to your daily lifestyle on a timely basis. We are also fully committed to your satisfaction, and we are ready to address your problems on a timely basis with a sense of urgency.

With our industrial drying equipment, we can make sure that your home is free from the excessive humidity that fosters mold’s growth, so we can begin the rebuilding process as soon as possible. To help keep your prices down, our staff will salvage any building materials that are still in usable condition, and you can trust in our experience because we have spent years in the industry earning a stellar reputation for superior customer satisfaction.

At Jersey Dry, we are committed to making sure that your basement is always dry, and our mold remediation services are an ideal way to address the issues of your home’s indoor air quality. As part of our dedication to your service, we are always ready to answer your requests on time, so you can move forward. We are also proud of our customized services, and we can keep your basement dry as part of a mold remediation project. To learn more about protecting your property from toxic mold, feel free to give our office a call: 908-718-5510 or email us: info@jerseydry.com and schedule your appointment to meet with our highly experienced estimator.

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