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Where does basement water come from?
Two kinds of water get into basements: surface and ground.

Surface water is runoff water usually the result of rain or snow. Surface water will show up as stains starting at the top of a cellar wall. If there’s enough water, it will come all the way down to the floor.

Groundwater comes from below as the water table builds up on top of the surface rock, Shale or other impermeable layer under your house. That explains why a higher elevation doesn’t guarantee a dry cellar in a wet year. For signs that groundwater may be in the wet season, look at the floor. Sometimes you get rust stains near the heating equipment or the Lally columns-the weight supporting pipes-in the house. Also check the wall where it meets the floor for a white powder. That’s efflorescence, lime that’s been leached out of the cinder or concrete blocks By water seeping into the cellar. There are also other ways for water to get into your basement.
The key to waterproofing your basement starts with properly diagnosing the source of the problem.

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