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Crawl Space

Dirt crawl spaces are common in many houses and present unique problems for the homeowner.Dirt inside the home transmits humidity, odors and radon gas. It also provides rodents and insects thru an easy path into the upper living portions of the home. The humidity and dampness that is inherent in crawl space can also cause structural damage to the wood framing, Carpets, floor and walls. This environment is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, all of which present a real problem.JERSEY DRY provides several highly effective solutions to eliminate the hazards and real possibility of damage to your home and health that can result from exposed crawl spacesJERSEY DRY comprehensive solutions will be customized to your needs, And combination of the following system will be used as needs may require:- Crawl Spaces Encapsulation (Vapor barrier)

– Crawl Spaces Dehumidification
– Controlled Venting
– Crawl Spaces Waterproofing

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